soft pretzels, sticky bun pretzels, (plain and maple pecan), pretzel dogs, ham and cheese pretzel wraps, chocolate chip cookies

We’re not just any food truck; we are your destination for gourmet pretzels, delectable pretzel wraps and sandwiches, and the irresistible star of our menu – our famous chocolate chip cookie. We’re more than just delicious food; we’re a beacon of hope.

A Change in a Blink

Life has a way of surprising us, often shifting from good to bad in the blink of an eye. It’s during these unexpected moments that we believe in extending a helping hand to change the course of someone’s life. We understand that one of the greatest gifts we possess is the ability to assist those in need. When you have the chance to make a difference, don’t let it slip away – instead, reach out and extend that hand.

Where Every Bite Counts and Every Hand Makes a Difference.

Our Mission

Our purpose extends far beyond crafting mouthwatering meals. At our food truck, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make a difference in the lives of those who have fallen into calamity, one twist at a time.

By choosing to dine with us, you become a part of something greater. Every purchase you make supports our mission to aid those facing adversity. Together, we can create a better world, one twist at a time.

Find us at a location Near You

Discover our extraordinary menu, and when you’re ready to savor the flavors, find us at a location near you. Join us in making every bite count and every hand make a difference – together, we can change lives.

Upcoming Locations

We are available to book events too!

Contact us on Facebook Messenger or
call/text (570) 274-5049 for more info.

Showing Some Love

Have you ever tasted heaven? Shake Your Buns and Do the Twist food truck has THE best sticky buns. Wait – I mean chocolate chip cookies! No wait! The pretzels are to die for! OK. It’s all good! And supports a good cause!

Terry S.

Highly recommend! You can’t go wrong with anything offered on the menu. All items are made with love and the taste is out of this world. The purpose behind the business is what makes Shake Your Buns & Do the Twist! even more special. Keep up the amazing work!

Steph M.

Shake Your Buns and Do The Twist’s food is as great as the guys behind the counter! The best cookies, pretzels, cinnamon buns around! My wife and I always love when they come up with new and exciting recipes. They never disappoint!

Brandon F.

Ron and Jeff are both loving and caring individuals and help where there is a need or cause.Have hearts of gold! No better way than to say that they want to help create a better world with “one twist at a time”. Their goodies are the best, I have had their sticky buns and their famous chocolate chip cookies!!! Yummmmm!

Joni K.

We have enjoyed soft pretzels, ham and cheese pretzels, cookies, sticky buns and cinnamon rolls from “Shake your buns and do the twist”. All have been the best, and to die for!! The cookies are soft and chewy. The sticky buns are gooey and rich. The cinnamon buns are sweet and delicious. The soft pretzels are the best!! We are excited to see the schedule for the food truck to be able to get these treats as often as we want!!!

Ann and Bruce H.

Shake your Buns & Do the twist are the best treats around. The chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) are the best ever, soft and delicious, especially warm. Their pretzels and sticky pretzels are awesome too!! Everything is so delicious and the best I’ve ever tasted!!! Their service is the best!!

Stephanie and Larry K.


Shake Your Buns and do the Twist”, pretty catchy we like to think, some say it’s way to long of a name, we say sit back and enjoy the show we are about to write. Five years, five years in the making and we are so close to launching our first event. As I write this, our truck is being wrapped, so I like to think we are so very close. So many players involved, so much had to happen to make this all come true. This could not have happened had so many not stepped up and showed their true colors and soon you will hear about them all. However, right now we must say a very BIG Thank You to Cindy and Dave from API Source. They are the hero’s that made ALL of our shirts and charged us nothing, NOTHING. They donated them all including stickers, really cool stickers because they believed in our movement. They believed the greatest gift, we as Gods children is to help children, that are sick. Because of what they did, we are able to donate 100% of all money made. This business that we have started has become our life long dream, a dream of helping others, and because of what they did, we are getting a wonderful start…. May God bless you both and your amazing business……

Shirts are $20.00 each. We have youth sizes Sm-Lg and adult sizes Sm-XL
Contact us to get your Shake Your Buns & Do The Twist T-Shirt!

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